Tuesday, August 25

Now Monogramming!!

Now I would like to let everyone know that we are now doing Monogramming!
I have ordered different types of bags, lunch boxes, totes and other things that are perfect for monogramming! Or bring in your own items that you would like to have your name on!
Come in and check it out!
Here is a sample of some of the colors/fonts available!

Tuesday, August 11

Tax Free Weekend

The dates for Texas' TAX FREE WEEKEND are August 21-23!
Stop in and find some great deals for back-to-school!!

Saturday, August 1

Name that…

Boy! We’ve had a small mannequin here for a few months. You may have seen him- he is standing in the front window. And so far, we have just called him “the boy”. But, he needs a name! So we are having a contest- Name Our Boy!!
Stop by August 1- 31st and drop in your name suggestion. Then on September 1 I will post the top 3 on my blog and let you vote! The winner will receive a gift certificate!!