Wednesday, December 23

Consignment Schedule

Just as the department stores, we stock our store with seasonal items.

Our consignment schedule is:

January 15 –July 15
Spring & Summer items

June 1 - August 31

School uniforms/Backpacks/Lunchboxes

July 15 – January 15

Fall & Winter Items

Sweet Repeats only considers clothing items for consignment if they are clean, spot free, and wrinkle-free. Everything is checked carefully and the store holds the right to accept only items they feel will sell. Any other items are returned to the consignor or donated to a charitable organization.

Friday, December 11

Just in....

New Crochet Waffle Caps

so cute...

Flowers & bows can easily attatch!!

It seems like...

It seems like I have abandoned The Sweet Repeats blog.

I haven't. I just haven't any time to write. Christmas has been so busy this year! I hope everyone had a chance to enjoy the snow!

Please, take time out of your busy lives to have a fabulous Christmas with your families!

We all have so much to be thankful for! I find that even if you feel like you are at the bottom and struggling, you can always find something to be thankful for. Always. Remember to put things in perspective and don't sweat the small stuff.