Friday, January 29

THE Sale!!!

Wednesday, January 27


Tuesday, January 26

Anyone else?

I wonder how long it will before my kids peg me for the fraud that I am.
Maybe hypocrite is a better word.

  • “No you can not have a cookie! We’re eating dinner in just a few minutes.” As I sneak an Oreo while stirring the spaghetti sauce.

  • “You can’t get up from from the table until you finish those peas.” I cover my bowl of half-eaten green globes with a napkin.

  • “Get in bed. You’ll be tired and cranky tomorrow if you don’t get enough sleep.” Then I stay up past mid-night watching a movie.

  • Perhaps one of my finest parenting moments, one I repeat way more often than I should, is when I shout, “STOP YELLING!” to my daughter who’s running around inside the house hollering .
    Do as I say, not as I do.

Tuesday, January 19

Funny stuff...

Found this...

If I get one in, I'll be sure to let everyone know!

Most Over-the-Top Car Seat
If you’re one of those lucky ones who tool around in a luxury car, are you going to put your kid in any ordinary car seat? Not a chance. This buttery leather car seat is custom-made for Bentley owners.
PRICE: $179,200–$203,600 (price includes the car)

Thursday, January 14


January 16th

Monday, January 4

Change in Winter Hours

Don't's just for the winter.
I will be open again on Mondays starting March 1!