Wednesday, December 23

Consignment Schedule

Just as the department stores, we stock our store with seasonal items.

Our consignment schedule is:

January 15 –July 15
Spring & Summer items

June 1 - August 31

School uniforms/Backpacks/Lunchboxes

July 15 – January 15

Fall & Winter Items

Sweet Repeats only considers clothing items for consignment if they are clean, spot free, and wrinkle-free. Everything is checked carefully and the store holds the right to accept only items they feel will sell. Any other items are returned to the consignor or donated to a charitable organization.

Friday, December 11

Just in....

New Crochet Waffle Caps

so cute...

Flowers & bows can easily attatch!!

It seems like...

It seems like I have abandoned The Sweet Repeats blog.

I haven't. I just haven't any time to write. Christmas has been so busy this year! I hope everyone had a chance to enjoy the snow!

Please, take time out of your busy lives to have a fabulous Christmas with your families!

We all have so much to be thankful for! I find that even if you feel like you are at the bottom and struggling, you can always find something to be thankful for. Always. Remember to put things in perspective and don't sweat the small stuff.

Wednesday, November 18

I would love to have your vote... is a website for and about small businesses. The are giving away grants for small businesses who are loved! I definitely would appreciate your vote!!

Tuesday, November 10

Christmas Cash

Getting ready for the Holidays, yet??

We all know that most of the toys given for Christmas only get played with THAT day!! So, rather than have them take up space in the house, why not bring them in and get some $$$ ?

Make sure they are working and cleaned up! (I have found that wiping them down with a Clorox wipe works best for me.) And if they require batteries, bring those, too! No one wants to buy a toy that "might" work-wouldn't you want to see it lighting up and making all kinds of wonderful noises??!

So hurry in and drop them off!! You'll have time to get them sold before the shopping gets too heavy!!

Wednesday, November 4

Thank you!!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by last Saturday! I hope yall enjoyed the cookies we had! It was so fun for me to see the kids dressed up in their costumes!!

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I am feeling extra THANKFUL for all of the customers that come in! I have really enjoyed meeting everyone and creating friendships with other moms & families in Brenham -and other surrounding places!

Tuesday, October 6

Invitation for you...

*If you get one in the mail- bring it in on the 31st for 10% off any purchase!

Wednesday, September 30

For a good cause!

Make your promise today
"Write a note and we'll donate a lunch! Let's make a promise. All you need to do is promise to drop a note in your kid's lunch. Do that and we'll give a free meal to a kid in need. Together, we can turn that little note into a world of difference."

Tuesday, September 22


Halloween costumes and clothing are being accepted!

Start bringing in Holiday Wear October 28. . . Keep watching our website for more details.

Sunday, September 13

Looking for...

I have a had a few requests lately. Here is a list of some things people are looking for:
  • Pack & Plays
  • High Chairs
  • strollers
  • Forward facing car seats

If you have any of these you are not using any more and would like to earn some extra cash-bring them in!!

Friday, September 11

New Products by ohMint!

Sweet Repeats is now carrying a line of products by ohMint! They have some very cute backpacks, nap rolls, bags, lunch squares....etc. They are intended to be monogrammed, but look cute blank! I can do some special orders if you see something online that I don't already have in the store.
Click on the link above to view some of their products.

Tuesday, September 8

His name is PETE!!

Congratulations to Amanda Finke! Her name suggestion was "Pete" (as in Sweet RePETEs)! She will get a $10 gift certificate to spend in the store!
So, stop in and see Pete- and see what all is on sale!
All SUMMER STUFF-shorts, tank tops, and swimsuits
are 30% OFF!
Just for this week!
September 8-12

Tuesday, September 1

Name Our Boy- Contest

Ok- here are the top 3 names of our contest to name our boy mannequin!
Samson, Pete, & Brutus
The poll on the right hand side of the blog is where you vote! The last day to vote is Sunday. You can only chose 1 name and the winner will receive a Gift Certificate to use in the store!

Thanks to all who came by and dropped their name suggestion in the vase!

Tuesday, August 25

Now Monogramming!!

Now I would like to let everyone know that we are now doing Monogramming!
I have ordered different types of bags, lunch boxes, totes and other things that are perfect for monogramming! Or bring in your own items that you would like to have your name on!
Come in and check it out!
Here is a sample of some of the colors/fonts available!

Tuesday, August 11

Tax Free Weekend

The dates for Texas' TAX FREE WEEKEND are August 21-23!
Stop in and find some great deals for back-to-school!!

Saturday, August 1

Name that…

Boy! We’ve had a small mannequin here for a few months. You may have seen him- he is standing in the front window. And so far, we have just called him “the boy”. But, he needs a name! So we are having a contest- Name Our Boy!!
Stop by August 1- 31st and drop in your name suggestion. Then on September 1 I will post the top 3 on my blog and let you vote! The winner will receive a gift certificate!!

Wednesday, July 29

Is there cash in your childs closet?

While you are cleaning out closets, drawers, or under beds- keep in mind some of the brands we are always looking for...
American Girl - Catimini
Janie and Jack - Abercrombie
Gymboree - Mini Boden
Hanna Anderson - Petit Bateau
Sweet Potatoes - Leap Frog
Burberry - Gap
Old Navy - Oilily
Ralph Lauren - Baby Lulu
Robeez - Lilly Pulitzer
Melissa & Doug - Mimi
Stride Rite - Pea in a Pod
Maclaren - Talbot Kids
The Children’s Place - Justice

Tuesday, July 28

Wanna save your local economy?

You can save your favorite local places to shop!

Friday, July 24

Don't Forget....

No longer accepting Summer Consignment
Start getting your Fall & Winter Clothing ready!
Will start taking Fall/Winter Consignment August 3rd!
Drop off Consignment anytime during drop-off times listed below:
Mon. 10:30-2:30
Tues. 10:30-2:30
Thurs. 10:30-2:30
Fri. 10:30-2:30
45 Items Per Day!

Monday, July 20

Because I'd want someone to tell me....


Saturday, July 18

Getting ready for Back-To-School

I just wanted to remind everyone that it is almost time for Back to school shopping! That is, if you haven't already started! One thing I am looking for is backpacks and lunch kits!

Did you know that most can be washed in the washing machine? Turn them inside out and wash them on the gentle cycle! They will come out good as new! Make sure you don't put them in the dryer, but you can lay them flat on top to help them dry quicker!

Hope this helps and I hope to see some of you in here with backpacks, soon!

Saturday, July 11

Lemonade for Light the Night

We have been doing The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Light The Night Walk for about 3 years now. This is the first year that my daughter has decided to raise her own money to donate. She has been setting up a lemonade stand, at least twice a month, on the sidewalk in front of the store. All of the money she makes goes towards Light the Night. She is really looking forward to turning in all of her money! If you see her out there, ask her why she is selling lemonade!

Thanks to all who have stopped in and supported her! We really appreciate it!

Thursday, July 9

EVERYTHING* in the store is 25% OFF!
(Everything under $100)
I need inventory moved to make room for fall stuff! So stop by and get some great deals!!
We will be open late- until 7:00!

Saturday is also the first day of "Hot Nights- Cool Tunes" so bring your lawn chairs and crowd around the court house for Abbey Rode, the Beetles cover band!

Tuesday, July 7

Couple of changes....

Hi!! I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend! July 4th is a special time for our country and I LOVE it!! I am sorry I haven't had more posts, but there has been so much going on (more about that later).
I have a couple of things I want everyone to know about.
The first one is that we are not going to take more than 45 items at a time. Things are so hectic, that in order for everyone to get things out, we have to limit the amount of time we can spend per person.
The second thing is that July is the last month we will be taking in "summer" items. It is almost time for Back-To-School, so we will be needing our space for fall items. August 3rd will be the first day we will begin accepting fall things.
I would also like to mention that I will NOT be accepting ANYTHING the last week of July. The entire week of July 26-August 1, I won't be taking anything in. This is to make sure we have every one's things out from the summer.

Those are some things I just wanted everyone to be aware of. If you have any questions, you can call or email or comment below!

Wednesday, June 24

I am running out of room in the shoe dept!!! So- this Thursday & Friday- I am having a "Shoe Sale"!! All shoes are 15% OFF!! Starting tomorrow-come get great shoes, even cheaper! I need the room!! Girls and boys- all sizes-sandals and boots!! Just stop in and take a look...

Friday, June 12

New Stuff...

Sweet Repeats has had bows for a while now. I have been carrying a few different brands. All with their own colors and ribbon types. But now I have something so smart and new- that you will probably slap your forehead and say "OMG- why didn't I invent that?"!!! Seriously, when I saw it with my daughter, who loved it, we both said "Oooooooohhhh" and then in my mind I said "duh"! It is called a "lemonhead". It is a new ribbon headband. It was invented by a mom who got tired of her daughter taking off her headbands at school because it would pinch behind her ears and give her a headache. They are "No-Slip". They come in so many different colors and patterns! The flowers are an accessory that can be clipped on or worn separately!

I have been testing them out on Brinley, my daughter, and she loves them. Mainly because after I put it in, in the morning, she never has to worry about it falling out, coming lose, or having it fall off while upside down on the monkey bars!!

So come in and check them out!

Wednesday, June 10

First Blog!!?

Okay, so I am working on a blog for the store. And it is much harder than I thought it would be. I thought I knew more about XML and HTML than most people, but not enough to really get the end result I want. So, the look and layout might change. Actually, I can say it definitely will change.
The purpose of this blog is just to let everyone know whats going on here. Sometimes I will have sale announcements. Or maybe special coupons just for followers. Or just some general info that you might want to know about. It also is a good way to see who else is coming and going in here.
So sign up to follow, and check in once in a while. You might like what you see:)