Wednesday, July 29

Is there cash in your childs closet?

While you are cleaning out closets, drawers, or under beds- keep in mind some of the brands we are always looking for...
American Girl - Catimini
Janie and Jack - Abercrombie
Gymboree - Mini Boden
Hanna Anderson - Petit Bateau
Sweet Potatoes - Leap Frog
Burberry - Gap
Old Navy - Oilily
Ralph Lauren - Baby Lulu
Robeez - Lilly Pulitzer
Melissa & Doug - Mimi
Stride Rite - Pea in a Pod
Maclaren - Talbot Kids
The Children’s Place - Justice

Tuesday, July 28

Wanna save your local economy?

You can save your favorite local places to shop!

Friday, July 24

Don't Forget....

No longer accepting Summer Consignment
Start getting your Fall & Winter Clothing ready!
Will start taking Fall/Winter Consignment August 3rd!
Drop off Consignment anytime during drop-off times listed below:
Mon. 10:30-2:30
Tues. 10:30-2:30
Thurs. 10:30-2:30
Fri. 10:30-2:30
45 Items Per Day!

Monday, July 20

Because I'd want someone to tell me....


Saturday, July 18

Getting ready for Back-To-School

I just wanted to remind everyone that it is almost time for Back to school shopping! That is, if you haven't already started! One thing I am looking for is backpacks and lunch kits!

Did you know that most can be washed in the washing machine? Turn them inside out and wash them on the gentle cycle! They will come out good as new! Make sure you don't put them in the dryer, but you can lay them flat on top to help them dry quicker!

Hope this helps and I hope to see some of you in here with backpacks, soon!

Saturday, July 11

Lemonade for Light the Night

We have been doing The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Light The Night Walk for about 3 years now. This is the first year that my daughter has decided to raise her own money to donate. She has been setting up a lemonade stand, at least twice a month, on the sidewalk in front of the store. All of the money she makes goes towards Light the Night. She is really looking forward to turning in all of her money! If you see her out there, ask her why she is selling lemonade!

Thanks to all who have stopped in and supported her! We really appreciate it!

Thursday, July 9

EVERYTHING* in the store is 25% OFF!
(Everything under $100)
I need inventory moved to make room for fall stuff! So stop by and get some great deals!!
We will be open late- until 7:00!

Saturday is also the first day of "Hot Nights- Cool Tunes" so bring your lawn chairs and crowd around the court house for Abbey Rode, the Beetles cover band!

Tuesday, July 7

Couple of changes....

Hi!! I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend! July 4th is a special time for our country and I LOVE it!! I am sorry I haven't had more posts, but there has been so much going on (more about that later).
I have a couple of things I want everyone to know about.
The first one is that we are not going to take more than 45 items at a time. Things are so hectic, that in order for everyone to get things out, we have to limit the amount of time we can spend per person.
The second thing is that July is the last month we will be taking in "summer" items. It is almost time for Back-To-School, so we will be needing our space for fall items. August 3rd will be the first day we will begin accepting fall things.
I would also like to mention that I will NOT be accepting ANYTHING the last week of July. The entire week of July 26-August 1, I won't be taking anything in. This is to make sure we have every one's things out from the summer.

Those are some things I just wanted everyone to be aware of. If you have any questions, you can call or email or comment below!