Friday, June 12

New Stuff...

Sweet Repeats has had bows for a while now. I have been carrying a few different brands. All with their own colors and ribbon types. But now I have something so smart and new- that you will probably slap your forehead and say "OMG- why didn't I invent that?"!!! Seriously, when I saw it with my daughter, who loved it, we both said "Oooooooohhhh" and then in my mind I said "duh"! It is called a "lemonhead". It is a new ribbon headband. It was invented by a mom who got tired of her daughter taking off her headbands at school because it would pinch behind her ears and give her a headache. They are "No-Slip". They come in so many different colors and patterns! The flowers are an accessory that can be clipped on or worn separately!

I have been testing them out on Brinley, my daughter, and she loves them. Mainly because after I put it in, in the morning, she never has to worry about it falling out, coming lose, or having it fall off while upside down on the monkey bars!!

So come in and check them out!

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