Wednesday, March 3


I am always looking at different baby sites, and I came across this:

Pregnancy does many things to your body. Not only does your stomach stretch but the ligaments and joints in your hips widen and stretch as well. Shrinkx Hips is an innovative way to help get your pre-pregnancy hips back.

During pregnancy, the body releases the hormone Relaxin which helps to widen the pelvis area making it easier for the baby to come out. Because of this, most women end up with bigger hips after pregnancy. To remedy this situation,UpSpring Baby created Shrinkx Hips to help guide the hips back into pre-pregnancy place.

Shrinkx Hips is easy to use...simply wear the adjustable belt around your hips for up to 8 weeks after delivery. The gentle pressure helps narrow the hips back to where they once were.

Shrinkx Hips retails for $54.99

Anyone know anything about it?

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